Oh. I introduced himself to Urbex this morning via BWT – Broken Window Theory. It promoted a discussion.

Y’all know how much I admire these German kids and I explained that, for them, this was a job and an increasing source of income. He was impressed at their enterprise and dedication!

Then we got into WHY so many amazing chateaus, castles, mansions etc were left to decay into nothing.

No heirs. Inheritance Tax. Family Feuds. Murder. Run out of the country for whatever reason. Shrug…There are numerous reasons.

This video intrigued me enough to watch. So ancient FAMILY homes are left to moulder and decay but National Monuments are HuMungOus revenue boosters. BUT WHY ARE BRITAIN’S CASTLES RUINED?

We all seem to have this obsessive tendency to EXPLORE the past. For some, like me, this is instinctual and a job/vocation as well as my own personal need to connect with my clan/ancestors/tribe.

Side Note :

William the Bastard Conqueror is NOT who History says he was!

Henry VIII did NOT destroy all the monasteries!

And Oliver Cromwell DID NOT RUIN or RAZE everything in sight…including my local ruin, Bolingbroke Castle.

Isn’t it just a little too easy to blame one person or thing for EVER-YT-HING?