Haters Hate : Fact!

I’ve seen too many yt comments about snotty, snooty, know-it-all, evil and just plain untrustworthy people being HATED on because they have a British accent. I’ve even had that crap aimed at me.

Yes, I speak in an accent known as Received Pronunciation… aka The Queen’s English.

I had my Scottish accent physically kicked out of me aged 8 !

But I can do a great Lincolnshire accent, me duck. And a Yorkshire accent….not much difference between them both.

I can also do a filthy GutterSnipe accent – sorry, Mother :o(

I even had an Italian Security Guard outside the Colosseum in Rome refuse to talk to me because of my ENGLISH accent. Herself went all Welsh and he talked to her instead. Even though she’s half English.

Hate me because I’ve done you a truly bad thing. Hate me because I’ve dissed you in public. Don’t just HATE for the sake of it. Or because Queen Victoria – over a hundred years ago made the map pink. That’s retarded and moronic.

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