Timon of Athens

I really resonate with this little performed or known Shakespeare play.

When we had, we gave. Freely. We even cleared a family members 1000’s of £ worth of debt so that they could keep their home.

But I didn’t learn from this.

A handful of years later I gave and gave elsewhere. With zero thanks and multiple blanks and – EVEN WORSE- when I went to that community asking for help…I was totally ignored.

“I must not break my back to heal his (her) finger.”

Moving on and way beyond :- My community here is building nicely.

Thank you to all who have begun to follow this blog over the past couple of months. Not just my daily posts are being read and liked but also posts from the past.

Heartfelt and Humble Gratitude for sparing your time to read my crazy rambles :o)

Timon of Athens. A summary.

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