Dmitry Alexandrovich Trifonov

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DAT starts his book with these words…

The author of this work is not a professional historian, and, moreover, an orientalist-Tibetologist, but carried through his entire conscious life a keen interest in history and historical science, in general, an amateur historian, one might say – an amateur.

We vibe already. I’m exactly the same.

For those who are too lazy to read the books of the authors of NC or there is no time for it, I will briefly outline their main views on the historical chronology accepted by the official science.

According to AT Fomenko and AT Nosovsky, the chronology and history of the ancient and medieval world adopted today was finally created in the 16th century by European scholastic scholars Scaliger and Petavius ​​and contains major errors.

Many eminent scientists paid attention to the contradictions in the Scaligerian chronology practically from the moment of its “invention” and tried to explain them in one way or another. In particular, Professor of the Salamanca University de Arsilla, who lived in the 16th century (ie, a contemporary of the “founders” of the incorrect chronological concept of world history), I. Newton, Russian encyclopaedic scientist N.A. history of ancient Rome T. Mommsen and a number of others.

It really riles me when people disrespect Isaac Newton. Even way back in the 1600’s he was aware that there were nefarious shenanigans going on with historical chronology.

But I’m an amatoor without a degree, mortar board or certification.

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