I WANTED an all-singing, all-dancing Leuchtturm 1917 who are now producing Ryder Carroll’s BJ original notebooks.

But – champagne tastes and a pint of milk income forced me into going cheap.
Which was really good!

For the price of a Leuchtturm, I got myself two cheapos in one. The only difference? I’ve had to number my own pages. Like I’ve not done that a million times before.

Above is one of the two that arrived yesterday morning (unexpectedly early.) The other one is black but I was feeling all girly and chose to start out pink.

DAY TWO UPDATE : OmgOmgOmg. I’m already on Page 22 and the inmates are stunned and confused by my sudden efficiency. LOL!

It’s been a long running problem in our family. Rewind. I’ve been a long-running problem in our family.

Scatty comes from Scattered. I have headaches every single day and my patience is being constantly fractured by incessant demands. MY FAULT.

Focussing on 12 things at a time makes Jackie crabbity. And prone to Tourette’s…on occasion :o(


I’ve just met two perfect mentors who speak my crazy language.

BTW. December is organised to beggary. I’ve actually written down the future *smug smile*

P.S. I’m certain that my “problem” is the reason why I love knitting. All that counting and calculating and translating weird symbols into a garment has calmed this crazy mind since I was a child. TRUE FACT.