We were out at stupid o’clock getting petrol and food and I said something that shut him up.

It was based on a previous life we had lived when we were exploring the likes of Maersk etc sailing their container ships out of the Gulf of Arabia.

My small point was about the 2020/2021 stupid having a far deeper meaning. He usually switches off there but I continued with…

WHY were all transport, flight, economic, ship-lanes, etc closed down? WHY WAS THE WORLD NOT ABLE TO MOVE?

Every last part of our company depended on Logistics. Movement. Travel.

That (the company) had long gone but point was made.

What EXACTLY was being locked down?

The who and the why, in this equation, are less important than the WHAT.


What was stopped and reset?

I can only guess and will never get close to an answer.

And I think it has less to do with WHO & BG than we think!


Because you and I have a choice about what we allow to be pumped into our bodies and what we choose to believe. WE HAVE ZERO CONTROL OVER GLOBAL POLITICKING!

December 2021 Update