What Is Wealth?

As of today – 2nd of December 2021 – I have £8 in my bank account.

That makes me poor. Really?

But the bills are paid and I have two strapping lads (that were born at 8lb 1oz and 5lb 6oz but grew to be 6ft 6″ and 6ft 4″) to abuse as and when I’m in need.

Yesterday I was in need.

So I sent them both outside in the cold and the sleet to hand saw me some logs for the wood burner.

And they did !!!!!! Woohoo.

One wants a medal and the other is now broken.

Little do they know that their wicked mother will be doing the same thing to them tomorrow because she has a voracious wood burner that HAS to be pumping out heat all day for…the cat that adopted us (?)

I’d send Himself out but he’s been piling 10 metre steel piles all week in the cold, in the back of beyond and says that he’s all broken every night.

Tcchh. Men. What are they good for?


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