All I saw on my TV (I did not ask to see it!) was the latest from a certain yt chan. He’s with his new bezzie mate aka Britain’sHiddenHistory.

Yeah. Crack on, lads.

Again – the same old piggy back on other people’s decades of research.

Y’all know that I disagree with Alan Wilson/Baram Blackett’s timelines. What I will NEVER disrespect is their dedication to research.

These two Forensic Historians will NEVER know just how much they have helped me to cement my own research… by using the same sources but with a totally different chronology.

Wilson and Blackett have been persecuted for decades by the “establishment.” Even physically.

Nowadays this stuff can be done on yt for millions of viewers (because the pathway has already been walked into a deep rut) and earn certain people lots of fans and money.

Has it NEVER occurred to anyone that their reputations will always be saved and boosted by youtube ONLY when they are spreading the Official Agenda Lies?

The likes of myself and Owen B and others I don’t know of are sent into oblivion in every way because we have been able to touch a TRUTH that can and will NEVER be allowed a wider audience.

Get too close and you get totally totalled. FACT!