Oublier (To forget) Indicatif présent – French Verb Conjugations

I have vivid memories of watching Louis Jourdain play Dracula one night when I was baby-sitting a neighbour’s baby.

BTW – I still meet the “baby’s” Dad now and again in town. He’s Matt and his son is Simon. I was about 13 or so.

Going home to bed after midnight, I could not sleep for remembering the “scary” film. So…instead of counting sheep, I conjugated French Verbs. Go figure. I must have had an upcoming French exam !

Isn’t it weird that after centuries, these horrific holes in the ground are STILL called oubliettes?

The first one I ever saw In Real Life was the infamous oubliette at Warwick Castle. Oooooh. Spooky as – !

Je suis. Tu est. Nous sommes. Voulez vous?

ça ne fait rien…Non, je regrette rien.


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