Order Out of Chaos

That is IT. I’ve had enough of this B.S.

I spend three quarters of my life looking for lost stuff. Especially research.

Being a pen and paper kinda girl, I have amassed an entire jungle of sources and notes and note books and print outs and lists of bibliographies and Brilliant Ideas (!) and a whole lot more.

So and ergo – I’m getting organised.

Stop laughing!!!

Step 1 : Find, catalogue and file every single piece of History Research EVER written down or printed out. I’m in the middle of this right now.

OhMyGiddyAunt. I had no idea just how many notebooks I’ve collected with less than a dozen pages written on before they are “filed” in the forgotten-all-about-that-one black hole.

Each page written on is being ripped out and stored in a folder titled MISC…a far too favourite word of mine :o(

Step 2 : Start bullet journaling to keep the momentum going.

I ALWAYS go back to the Primary Source where possible and the P.S. for Bullet Journals is Ryder Carroll.

I’m loving the simplicity of this practise and how everything is set down in one place small enough to carry around with me. And how I can track what I’ve done, what I have to do and what I’m never going to do!

I am a simple soul who likes simple things and HATES wasting precious time caused by allowing myself to have become simply too laissez-faire and doolally most of the time.


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