OH. Obsessed Is Me!

I’ve been obsessed with travellers notebooks for a long time now and have even made my own.

Which is OK but…the editor in me sees only flaws and mistakes. Sigh.

My boys gave me an Amazon voucher for my birthday and I HAD to buy one. A real one. HAD TO. HAD TO. HAD TO!

It arrives today…soon. In a couple of hours. Too long away. Speed up postman. Please (?)

Impatient? Moi?

Every writer knows that a brilliant idea will only stay in your brain for a few seconds before it is pushed out by other Real Life Stuff – ergo – these flashes of genius (!) need to be written down.

I’ve always preferred pen and paper over machinery but the swamps of old envelopes and Post-It notes and loo paper notes and etc is now at critical mass.

a5 is my own personal favourite size of notebook because my handwriting is quite big and tends towards uncontrollable.

We also have a pen polterghoost in the house who will steal and hide any writing implement the minute I put it down.

This kind of notebook plus system – for myself – is a beyond perfect solution.


HAPPY AS……a girl who can stuff a book full of stuff.

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