I say Mole-skeen. You say Moles-kine. Moles -kin. Whatever.

Much like the girl in the video below I’ve been such a lover of Moleskine journals for almost 20 years.

The a5 hardback is my own personal favourite but the cahiers are good. Also the a4 soft covers. And the reporters notebook is lovely because you can write over two pages – vertically and not break a thought.

Anyhoo – True Moleskines are out of my price range now but you can buy cheaper versions (always go for the back pocket, the page marker and the elastic closure)

I’ve found a company on amazon uk that do very similar notebooks but with added bonuses. There are a few index pages in the front and each page is numbered. Which helps me not having to save several back pages for my index and number each page by hand. Bonus.

BTW : If Moleskine wants to sponsor me…… :o)

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