I’m not making this up!

My Nan had a meal that she’d cook us. Stuffed marrows. She used Grandad’s marrows out of the garden, boiled some mince and STUFFed. It was revolting. Sorry, Nan. Marrows are 99% flavourless water.

OK. Nan’s daughter, my Mum was a HUGE fan of Coronation Street. So I got to know this soap opera quite well as a child/teenager/adult.

And then – Corrie went all bent out of shape with dark, crazy storylines and…a member of Boyzone as a major new character. AND Nigel Havers whose sexual activities are shagtastic. Even he admits this!

Don’t get me wrong – I love Boyzone.


The girl in the video below the video below will explain. Maybe. Shrug.

Pssst. I KNOW whodunnit. It was the marrow :o)