Skepticus Gigantus

Yep. I stole that name.

Anyway & by the by : What utterly boils my single brain cell is the fact that so many yt “truthers” are extremely vocal about their disbelief in Dinosaurs yet – in the next breath – they ALL believe in Gigantus Humans.


There have been several tall-height challenged people in history but they number one in many hundreds of thousands.

Imagine being 20ft tall ? Just IMAGINE!

The Norfolk Giant, Robert Hales, was 7ft 8inches tall.

Barring all the fear porn about genetic manipulation and freemasonic, controller, jesuit shenanigans – why are we all around 5 to 6 ft tall now, on average.

So – my question is, if dinosaurs are all fake chicken bones fused together, why aren’t those “hidden” GIANT skeletons all fake chicken bones fused together.

Sorry peeps. You can’t diss one without the other.

It’s either ALL fake or ALL real. FFS.

P.S. Who is Jimmy Kimmel?

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