Giovanni Antonio Canal (18 October 1697 – 19 April 1768)

It was this time when me and he spent 3 days in London over Hogmanay. We arrived the day before New Years Eve and stayed at the Savoy. We split the trip into his stuff and my stuff.

Part of my stuff was going to the National Gallery to see the paintings. I had no idea that the Canaletto Exhibition was on – Bonus!

As an apology for frog-marching me around the entire place at break-neck speed, he bought me the official Canaletto brochure.

Moving on to Hidden History. The Colosseum, Rome.

I’ve posted about this many times before because I visited the building when in Rome. It was a lovely day…apart from the brutal sunburn.

Despite recent yt althist truther channels “discovering” that the Colosseum was actually and truly an aquatech installation, there is something extremely hidden about this place.

Canaletto painted it in the 17th/18th century from real life.

Study the image above. And then study the image below and ponder this : until the 19th century, the Roman Colosseum was KNOWN to have been built and rebuilt from the 1400’s until the 1800’s as a CHRISTIAN TEMPLE for the worship of Christ. The original had a proper dome on top.

No gladiators, lions or Christians or boats or Russell Crowes were ever butchered here as entertainment for the masses.


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