Or – the South Land of the Vikings.

Whichever. Seeing as they share the same latitude.

This place is as far north west as y’all can go on mainland GB/UK.

Having read every single Hamish Macbeth book by Marion Chesney aka M.C. Beaton, from thence comes my only knowledge of the place. Apparently it’s…beautifully harsh. Mountaineers fall from on high onto the roads by the dozen. You can get every weather system ever invented in just one day.

I’d still like to go there. In the summer.

BTW : there are many veiled ways to get revenge for wrongs done. These books were televised and the series became very popular. I enjoyed them, slightly, because I knew that the TV company had totally shafted the writer out of every right.

Plockton. This was the pretty TV location.


The series was filmed on location in the village of Plockton, the town of Kyle of Lochalsh and the surrounding area.
Hamish Macbeth (TV series) – Wikipedia

M.C. Beaton dissed the entire, disgusting experience in just one sentence. Props, hen :o)

The REAL Sutherland. Savage beauty.

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