This phrase keeps coming back to slap me in the face, time after time.

Certain people are protected. We ALL know this.

At the lowest of low levels, certain yt channels are “protected” by WHO they know and are close to. They may get a slap on the wrist, once or twice but…they are always able to carry on with their own low vibe truth.

Then you can move up the scale, and higher and even HIGHER.

I’m stunned that the video below is still available.

If there is just one fight that I am allowed to fight until my dying day it will be THE FIGHT FOR THE INNOCENT CHILDREN.

A Sirship can hide so much filth. Blackmail can hide so much filth. Weakness and depravity can be seen as good and true and right by FILTH.

This rant came from a conversation that I had today with someone who’d rejected me for my values and my truth and my strength. She needs me back in her life now. Why? I know. She knows that I know.

And it’s NOT BFF, btw.

P.S. The name was maybe Kitty (?)