And So The Show Goes On

Look. I’ve no idea who he is. And, quite frankly, I don’t care who.

What I DO care about is searching and finding 19 or 20 books at the top of the list by him.

He charges £9.99 for a Kindle and almost £13 for a paperback.

And all he has to say about HIS research is that he has researched “THE RESEARCHERS.”

What researchers? Where? Who? What did they research? Where is their work? How do I double check YOUR sources?

OK. The pictures show a youngish. Who has “visited?” 2,500 cities and places.

Yeah. My arse. From his bed, drinking Tartar coffee, eating popcorn, smoking weed and via the computer. In my humble opinion.

Are many monuments around the world fake? Researchers have found evidence that shows that many ancient monuments are not thousands of years old – but built in the last 200 years.
This book will try to show you the truth about the Pyramids and about other ancient monuments worldwide – based on the evidence found by researchers.
The author David Ewing Jr has travelled to over 2500 cities and places worldwide and has done much historical research over 20 years and has great knowledge of world history.

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