A Gift. Of Sorts

I spoke to a couple of members of the family at the weekend. Both in Wales.

Both live in hermetically sealed new build houses. Both have sooper-dooper central heating systems and gas fires. Both are multi-vaxxed.

Both are SUFFERING from chronic colds and feeling like yuck.

Both asked me why we NEVER seem to EVER catch colds or flu.

Well. This is the gift. Of sorts.

We live in a 200 year old house with high ceilings, sash windows, front and back doors that are half an inch short of the door frame all round, a buggered up boiler, a Rayburn that runs on oil and the price of oil has just gone mentals therefore the kitchen is cold as hell.

I also don’t disinfect my house to surgical operating room standard and there may be some dust and few cobwebs here and there.

Oh. Also. I’m not so vain that I can’t bear wearing at least five layers of clothes and looking like a TellyTubby!

BUT : We NEVER catch colds or Flu.

Hard as hardy we are :o)

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