When I Was 17…It Was a Very Good Year

September, the start of the 6th Form, we had a new pupil in the Common Room called Jim.

We all had great fun. He was a comedian then. At the end of term, Christmas, I dropped out of school and left home to earn a living “down south.”

We met again when I was almost 18, walking home from my job in a local restaurant. A car squealed to a halt beside me and he jumped out, leaving his parents bemused. We had a quick chat, he’d just got the job as our local theatre manager. Weeks later he came to my 18th birthday party. He met my Mum and flattered her to heaven and back and then, on the 3rd of January, I left to join the army without telling him.

The Kid Did Well. He was always meant to be a Star :o)

Sweet to reconnect with old and much loved mates.

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