This is a bit mixed up.

Watch the video below to see about a local murder?

Anyways – KirKby is our local tip/dump/landfill/recycling centre. When we had the Landrover Defender we’d fill the back up with our weekly rubbish (and the Tsar dog) and tootle down the road. Dump off the bags etc with the dog watching and investigating and go home. All happy and carefree.

Well. Since the stupid started, early 2020, the “dump” has been closed for many months and then re-opened. BUT – only for those who have paid for a pass and had their mandated pricks.


Have y’all ever seen, smelled a landfill site? You’d get every disease ever invented from one of them. And peeps are worried about shaking hands and breathing???

Oh. I love tinned corned beef sandwiches with pickled beetroot :o)