Leys vs Ley Lines

I’ve had a real affinity with Herefordshire for over 30 years.

Two abortive house purchases and many a visit and this place holds almost as big a grasp on me as the land of my ancestors – Scotland.

Must be the mountains :o)

I’ve been into Alfred Watkins for a few years now too. I empathise with him. He felt his land – he was a Herefordshire man – and wrote about his thoughts and feelings and observations in books. The Old Straight Track is the one I know best.

He suffered quite a lot of ridicule for this. Yadayada.

He had observed that many prominent churches were built on straight tracks and aligned with sunrise. Some visible to the eye.

BTW : He did much more than this. Wiki has a summary of his Antarctic Voyages and the camera he invented… ALFRED WATKINS

To him he was dealing with LEYS. NOT ley lines. Nor was he doing science and geology and that kind of stuff.

It’s hard to explain to left-brained people the FEELING one gets about places. I’ve felt this in Scotland, The Border Marches of Wales and England and also Rome.

The best known, most publicised, leys are those in the Languedoc. The Cathar Castles and the sacred geometry surrounding them.

One day I WILL visit the South of France. Sure as sure!

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