As Deep As a Worm’s Grave

yt : Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Y’all’ll get sweet, shallow words and tons of…..


I prefer a proper, warm, loving, honest human being. But that’s just me.

Most peeps prefer a computer lover. FACT!

BTW : We once had a really close friend. So close that we brought him in to work for us. We’d known him when he was married to his F1RST wife. He found his S3COND (Canadian) wife on the internet. This was her 4th marriage and she told me that she’d been forced to change her entire name and identity because of three previous Abusive Husbands. And No.4 wasn’t much better.

She’d changed our friend into a total dick-head with her victim mentality and serial emotional abuse.

Some times I really don’t want to hear crap like this. WTF? TMI.

Can’t make this shit up.

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