The One World Tartarians

This is even worse than I knew.

I have no gripe against anyone who writes a History book. Even amateurs.

And no – I have not read this one but, according to the reviews posted, I don’t need to.

To some who have read it there are zero studious references, zero historical academic facts to be disputed and many cut and paste opinions about the subject from Facebook and other internet platforms. The Flat Earth bits are added (had to be of course as this is foundation of most yt channels about Tartary) to bolster the narrative.

This is a huge train wreck. In my opinion. Just one more rewrite of the already rewritten.

Even the blurb is wrong. The Empire ceased in 1775. This is one of the most basic facts about the subject. Also – the map used is a fake.

The REAL Empire began expansion in the 1320’s by going south and west from Veliky Novgorod to include Italy, Scandinavia and The British Isles. These countries became Hordian before China or India or Northern Siberia.

PLUS : The TRUE origins of this family’s history began in Egypt. Romean.

FFS. I’m beyond sad.

This book could very well be the greatest revisionist history book ever written in modern times to date about the Greatest Lie about our common world history. The Tartary civilization encompassed most of the World we know today. From Russia to China to Africa to India to Australia and New Zealand to the North and South America’s. There have been swept from modern his-story books and were likely destroyed in the 19th-20th centuries along with many of their amazing buildings. There are numerous documents proving that there were also Giants amongst them. The people of Tartary were destroyed by the same advanced technology that controls our weather were flooded, fire bombed, earthquaked and likely had directed energy weapons (DEW) used against them and many of their bones are buried under our cities today. Their “Old Word Order” was a benevolent society where they used sacred geometrical designs, pipe organs and catillion bells to help and to heal and to achieve higher consciousness. All of the architecture and technology we know of today was developed by the Tartar’s. The 18th and 19th centuries were final book burning and removal from historical knowledge of this once great civilization that flourished up until just 100 years ago.

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