Romulus and Remus

When you decide to add thousands of years to the History of the World, you run out of stories.

I have the book in the image above. It has been part of my writer’s life.

This is a monumental work of breath-taking originality – the fruit of a lifetime’s research and reading that will unlock the secrets of stories through the ages for all. From The Epic of Gilgamesh to Jaws and Schindler’s List, Christopher Booker examines in details the stories that underlie literature and the plots that are basic to story-telling through the ages. In this magisterial work he examines the plots of films, opera libretti and the contemporary novel and short story. Underlying the stories he examines are seven basic plots: rags to riches; the quest; voyage and return; the hero as monster; rebirth, and so on. Booker shows that the images and stories serve a far deeper and more significant purpose in our lives than we have realised hitherto. In the definition of these basic plots, Booker shows us entering a realm in which the recognition of the plots proves to be only the gateway. We are in fact uncovering a kind of hidden universal language: a nucleus of situations and figures that are the very stuff from which stories are made. With Booker’s exploration, there is literally no story in the world that cannot be seen in a new light. We have come to the heart of what stories are about, and why we tell them. Here, Christopher Booker moves on from some of the themes he outlined in his best-selling book The Neophiliacs. Seven Basic Plots is unquestionably his most important book to date.

I have a souvenir from my trip to Rome. It is a tourist trinket of Romulus and Remus (twins) suckling the She-Wolf.

They, the two brothers, founded Rome.

NC :

So, at the beginning of the XIV century, the kings-khans of the Great Empire were two brothers – Ivan (Batu Khan) and Georgy (Genghis Khan) Danilovich. The creation of the Empire was reflected in many documents of “antiquity”. In particular, it contributed to the legend of the founding of the famous “ancient” Rome, allegedly in the 8th century BC, by the brothers Romulus and Remus, descendants of King Aeneas-John.

Only seven story plots over a billion (!?) years. Mmmn. Repetitive, much?

What If – Romulus and Remus were Christ and John the Baptist and the SHE-WOLF was their mother Mary?

Food for thought.

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