Triggered? Moi?

Fife. The Royal Kingdom of Fife? Inbreeding?

How very bloody dare he?

I’m related to…

Samuel Greig married Sarah (1752–1793), daughter of Alexander Cook. Their union would give rise to children and grandchildren who later married into the Russian and German nobility.

He was father to Alexey Greig, admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy, who would go on to have his own spectacular career in the Russian Navy. Alexey Greig would become a privy counsellor and knight of all the Imperial Russian Orders.

Greig was father-in-law to Scottish science writer and polymathMary Somerville who was a distant cousin of his. Somerville had married Greig’s fourth son, Captain Samuil Samuilovich Greig (1778–1807), who was the Russian Consul in London. They had two sons before Greig died in 1807, one of whom, Woronzow Greig (1805–1865) became a barrister and scientist.[2]

Another son, Ivan Samuilovich Greig (1776–1802), traveled to China but was never heard of again.

His grandson Samuil Alexeyvich Greig (1827–1887) was the Russian Minister of Finance 1877–80. A general-lieutenant, he took part in the defence of Sebastopol during the Crimea War. He is buried in Smolenskoe Lutheran Cemetery in St. Petersburg.


My grandad was called Samuel. My dad, David Samuel. Both born in Kinghorn whereas Sir Sam was born 12 miles away in Inverkeithing…. Is that “inbreeding?”

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