The Most Hated Regiment In The British Army

My mother wanted me to be a nurse. Or a secretary.

My Dad never offered an opinion on my future career.

Nursing? Nah. A nurse is an incredibly special person with a vocation. I could not do that.

Secretary? Too boring.

I chose to be an Outsider (?) and join The Most Hated Regiment In The British Army.

I loved the job. Even when I was scared out of my wits.

We were always called Monkeys. Until some disaster happened and we had to go and clean up a huge mess. That’s when people became quite polite. My very last job in the RMP was a RAPE. Her husband was away in Fermanagh for 6 weeks and her neighbour decided he wanted a bit of extra-marital fun. She NEVER called me a Monkey, nor did her kids. FACT!

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