Richard D Hall/Wilson & Blackett

I’ve watched Richard for several years now…maybe 8/9/10 years.

I’ve been reading and watching Wilson/Blackett almost as long.

One of my very first posts back in 2018 was about Alan Wilson and the Coelbren Alphabet.

I married a Welsh man and have spent much time, over the past 30 years, in the land of his Father, South Wales.

Himself is a hybrid, like me. I’m Anglo/Scot. He’s Anglo/Welsh.

AND NOW : Flat Earth has suddenly discovered all of this ALT HISTORY.

Btw – the timelines are F8cked. In my opinion.

But I will forever be grateful to Richard, Alan and Baram for helping ME on MY journey.

Can I ban FEB? Well. I don’t sub and he is banned from my email after various insults and STFUp’s………so YES :o)

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