FEED ME : Venus Fly Trap

VR claimed that she’d used her %RIGHT% as a monkeewrench (mod) to delete me from a live chat when I innocently and truthfully told a true story about my son and his Venus Fly Trap plant and how I’d chucked it in the bin when it died.

She told me – Well, we are carnivores after all.

TRUE TRUTH – I deleted my own comments, based on her extremely nasty reaction to me, but she took all the glory for it.

Go figure.

I’m now banned for life – as in my ISP is totes banned from every single UAP platform- and I DID NOT DO THAT

They are such a lovely pair :o)

P.S. WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET. Dishonour me and my family and Right Back At Y’all times 10 fold. The Gypsy Curse, hen. Aye?

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