Deconstructing Charlie

OK. The MAIN/UAV person has deleted herself. She was so active in this live chat.

Charlie : Help.

Charlie is Aussie Slang for Cocaine.

She and her AB alter ego are Aussies.

Charlie is also …..“One of the most amazing people in the world.”

She is also the FAVE sub. The No.1 sub. “V you are AWESOME”

Put a Shramp on the Barbie said UAV.

But you told me you’d call the police said…..?

She/They ALWAYS knew too much about each other to be just a yt content creator and a single mother of three in Australia who had never met.

Why did he refuse to go back for a THIRD TIME? Because she likes them LONG?

Are they both COKE HEADS?

I dunno.


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