Two Days Away from the Full Moon

I always go a little loco in the 4 days run up to the Full Moon. And as this is in MY birthday month…it can get a bit Donkey on the Edge.

What angers me most is the long running saga of my blog being trawled by A N ony Mouse. This past month and a bit, just one single person has been stalking. It is not a follower. Each view comes via a google search. Some days there are 5 or 10 views. Some days there are 50 or 70 or over 100 views. Never a like. Never a comment. I track the posts viewed and compare them to the latest yt truth channs new videos.

It is uncanny.

Sometimes the next day. Sometimes a couple of weeks later. Always a post of mine has transmuted into a video by someone who gets paid to post videos.

I’ve been banned from certain yt channels. My Patreon was hacked within a few weeks of me opening it. AND I returned all the money paid to me back to my 2 patrons.

My dead father’s name popped up as a commenter on the FEB channel.

I’ve earned NOTHING for working seven days a week for the last 3 and a half years.

This is literally taking food out the mouths of my children, folks.

Call me whatever you want, tell lies, mock and troll me. JUSTICE will be given. In this life or the next.

BTW – Club Sandwiches for tea today.

P.S. I toast the bread in the toaster. Melted butter ? Too decadent for my purse!

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