400 Years of Deception : History Repeats

There is much to be said for the 400 year marker. Static in the Attic mentioned this number a few times. He was right.

400 years ago, Scaliger helped to re-write the previous 400 years of history. Today we have Neo-Scaliger and his cohorts times many thousands rewriting the previous 800 years of history.

SO : Phoenicians and Venetians are exactly the same thing ?

Really. Divided by about 1000 years yet still exactly the same.

Because they SOUND the same?

What about the Russian word VENETS, which means ROYAL CITY?

What we have today are non-spiritual spiritual people who are also without empathy empaths and are (in my humble opinion) totally crap Historians.

In Western European sources, Russia-Horde of the XIV-XVI centuries was reflected as the Habsburg empire of the XIV-XVI centuries. In the name Habsburg, that is, Habsburg, the second part – BURG – means CITY. And the first part of HAB is probably a Latinized reading of the Slavic word HAB, written in the usual Cyrillic alphabet. That is, NEW. Latin N is written as Slavic N. And Latin B – as Slavic B. In this case, HABSBURG is just a NEW CITY, NOVGOROD. This name carried the memory of the capital of Russia-Horde – Veliky Novgorod = Yaroslavl. By the way, the very name of the capital of the late Habsburgs of the 17th-18th centuries – VIENNA, in Austria, apparently comes from the Russian word VENETS. That is, the CROWNED, or ROYAL city. Then the Habsburgs were forgotten about the Horde origin. After the split of the Empire in the XVI-XVII centuries, Western Europeans began to re-write their “

With an audience of millions, just a button click away, this new FAKE HISTORY is spreading like wildfire.


Not just my own life’s work is being fucked up but also that of far too few, absolutely dedicated, other people.

To have such little regard and respect for just one person is disgusting, but to diss everyone who has actually done the DEEPEST work is beyond VILE.

So there :o)

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