The BIGGEST Kick in the Teeth. WOW!

From the one who left me for dead on my kitchen floor by agreeing PUBLICLY that I was EVIL and who banned me from his channel when I tried with love and dedication to point him in this direction.

I’ve featured Ross here before. He talks about Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. And he is HIDDEN HISTORY.

I even sent Martin info – three years ago – about Welsh History and Tartan Mummies and…….!

WTF is going on?

Theft and dishonour of the HIGHEST grabble. I’ve lost more than he will ever gain.

We even share Estonia in our history.

Nice. FEB. NOT!

Oh. And btw – Martin’s back catalogue of videos is mysteriously missing the one from January 5/6th 2019 when he presented my work to the yt truth community. FACT! FUCK!

Oh – and he even accused me of being a globe- ist without knowing anything about my meagre contributions but unending support for the GlobeLie Tour.


Clam down, Jackie. Calm down.


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