Impossible Task?

I’m deep into debunking the debunkers. An Hysterical Historical task that I set myself a few weeks back.

The notebooks are full of abbreviated swear words like WTF! Hey. It happens. Frustration at the layers that have to be waded through.

OK. The Ravens of Dinefwr, the book in progress – for the past 100 years – has a fictional character called Aleksandr. A Kievan Rus’ who becomes extremely close to Magnus Barelegs, King of Norway and eventually gets involved with the Welsh family at the centre of the story.

Where did I get that idea from? Jeez. Wales and Kiev fall in love, WTF?

Links : the new non-fiction task started in Egypt in stupid B.C. but migrated to………….Kiev in the 14th century A.D!

Always the twins. TWINS. Two.

Apropos of nothing – Scythian = Scotia = Scotland. I’m chasing that 1% Russian DNA of mine via Scandinavia again :o)

BTW : No offence, personal opinion only, but the vid below is filed as Hysterical Historical in my brain!

P.S. Novgorod on the Volkhov River is a 17th/18th century distortion. Veliky Novgorod aka Yaroslavl was on the VOLGA river. It was the supreme capital of the Horde Khans. FACT! Despite videos made by people who say that the capital of Tartary was in Kazan :o)

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