Empty vs Emptiness

I have met too many empty people. Those with a void, a black hole inside themselves that they will fill with….ANYTHING.

I’ve even been there myself. It’s called The Dark Night of the Soul when we have to reach into unchartered depths to fill in this blank. When EVERYTHING becomes NOTHING. And NOTHING becomes EVERYTHING.

Most people have neither the will nor the wish nor the strength to this.

They are the ones who are truly void.

Contrast that with wilful emptiness. When we have reached a place where only WE fill our own void. Without the zillions of external distractions. From BMW’s to World Fame to a FULL Bank Account.

Yup. I’m on this journey too. With so much being taken away from me through time and circumstance – I’m learning the True Value of Emptiness :o)

P.S. Take my chocolate away though and I WILL fight back :o)

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