Buyer Beware : Caveat Emptor

Moldavite. OMG!

I sourced my piece via friends in the crystal business and (fingers crossed) have possessed a GENUINE piece of this for almost a decade.

Transformation? Much?

My life turned upside down and inside and out from 2011/2012 until right now.

I have many crystals and they are all being cleaned and recharged after many months of neglect. My bad :o(

A piece of rock/glass deserves TLC?

Oooooh, yes. What you give is what you get.

Moldavite is an oddity and then some. My piece is about the size of the one in the gif above and it transports itself….I swear! One day there. Next day gone. MumbleMumble.

Anyhoo : Moldavite.

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