Sidhe : Of Faerie Origin

This is one subject where the Irish and the Scottish are closer than close.

They all believe in the Sidhe in every form.

In Scotland is was common to put a bowl of salt and a piece of iron outside your door to banish the Sidhe. But that was after Presbyterianism took over.

The Sidhe : 19th 0f July 2019


Pronounced Shee.

  • Bean sídhe or banshee, a female spirit in Irish mythology
  • Leanan sídhe, a beautiful fairy woman in Irish mythology who takes a human lover
  • Cat Sidhe or Cat sìth, a fairy creature from Scottish and Irish mythology

Deep in mythology today.

I’ve gone from Pandora to the “Celts.”

I love the Sidhe.

They never order, they suggest.

You can ignore. Or join in.

They understand Free Will.

And they Dance A LOT.

Gotta love a Celtic Jig :o)


Freaking Churchians. Take all the fun out of FUN :o(

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