It doesn’t matter where I go…to which era or “historical” figure. Her Story is ALWAYS the same.

Always raped or murdered or vilified or cast as a whore, a deviant, a succubus, an idiot, a chattel, a cow, a bitch, a NOTHING.

Even other women do this to HER.

They have to – to get /the POWERFUL man. Behind every great man stands a Great Woman (?)

But this Great Woman. This Empress, Mother, Queen is, was BUT NEVER more shall be a SHADOW.

She’ll give birth to the next generation, the legitimate children, as HE will wander wherever he wants looking for pastures greener. A quick this or that with zero responsibility. Zero accountability. Just a fleeting moment of lust with one eye on the next moment.

A string of moments don’t make a DIVINE and AUTHENTIC LIFE.

The women will line up at the doors for a moment of pleasure with a powerful man. The Clever ones will have memorised all the tricks and words and poses and roles required to depose the TRUE Empress.

Anne Boleyn?

What happened to her after 1000 days?

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