Cindy Mars-Lewis

I’m in real danger of doing to Cindy what generations have done to Sherlock Holmes & Hercule Poirot.

Cindy is now on my fiction/real border. Oooh!

If you’ve not read/listened to the trilogy Cold Calling, Mean Spirit, Night after Night this is a “gone right over your head” post.

Cindy is from South Wales. As a youngster, a meeting with a family of Wise Men (all but the Welsh seem to have Wise Women unquote) who taught Celtic Shamanism, gave a new life to a lost soul.

Cindy walks between the the worlds in more ways than one!!!

No spoilers, poor dabs.

Shit. I’m even thinking in the same accent.

The point I want to make?

PAGAN/PAGANISM is a modern concept. It NEVER existed in history. We all come from one single source and the divides are False, Fake and Foney.

I have several books by the Matthews (talked about in the video below.) I don’t use them often. To ME they are too “academic.” Which makes me the OUTSIDER because the “academics” are fond of dissing them too.

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