Borgia : Especially Lucrezia Borgia

Alexander Borgia was one of the OG Popes.

When you take a tour of the Vatican Museum – as I did – and you enter the Borgia rooms, you are told that the original walls are now covered over. The Borgia was too bad, too sexual, too deviant to be shown in all his ugliness.

The same is said about his son, Cesare, and his daughter.

Links have been made between Constantinople in the 12th century and Aragon via the Languedoc region in France.

Borgia is from Aragon. So he, and his entire family, HAD to be vilified and destroyed.

Ask any one about Cesare and Lucretia and y’all’ll get just one word…POISON. Fact!

Same old. Same old.

Patterns? Much?

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