I refuse to use the word Tartary anymore.

For reasons of purity and because this word has been SO misused, abused and degraded – it will be THE HORDE.

Now that tantrum of mine is over…a Tale of The HORDE in Florence.

Once upon a time (in the 14th century) the Horde conquered Italy and made their capital at Florence. A small swampy town on the Tiber became their military base where they built a fortified city called The Vatican.

In Florence they created a beautiful place full of gardens and palaces and the people thrived in this community. Rome was not a threat to them. No popes existed. No other powerful families existed.

Everything changed in the middle of the 1400’s when refugees from the newly Ottoman – ised Constantinople converged in the fortified town on the Tiber and named the place Rome.

Enter the History ReWriters of the 16th and 17th centuries and you get the likes of the PAZZI Conspiracy.

I’ve shown the video below on my old blog. I love his style :o)