Urbain Grandier

I have this book. I’ve read this book. It was part of the research for my novel. Apparently (?) Wat Montagu (a fave character) witnessed the burning of Urbain Grandier in 1632.

And (so they say) this was what finally turned him from an English Protestant to a French Catholic Priest. In the mould of a Cardinal Richelieu.

His father and brother disowned him.


He was a very close friend of Marie de Rohan, Anne of Austria and Henriette Marie. And also became one of Buckingham’s roving spies at the age of 19. Some sources say that he and Marie de Rohan were lovers but I never believed that. They were comrades. Marie understood him all too well because, although her immediate family were Catholic, she also supported her Huguenot uncles – de Rohan & Soubise – with whom she shared exiles from France.

One day I will figure out this story of Loudon. I believe that it’s false. It took place right at the apex of the Counter-Reformation and during the 30 Years War.

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