Liquid Morphine

A few years ago my husband had a lodged onion bhaji – according to him.

He’d been in huge pain for days and then collapsed. Hours away from the Grim Reaper!!!!!

I took matters into my own hands, took him to see our doctor and then drove him FAST to Lincoln General Hospital. He complained all the way about the bumps in the road. He was admitted as an emergency. His appendix had EXPLODED.

Days later he was on liquid morphine and loved it. But the best was the man in the bed beside him who was shouting to wife in his sleep about the boat they’d bought.

He talked to his neighbour the next day and asked about this boat fight. The bed neighbour said WTF you talking about ?

Did you know….Henriette Marie, sister of Louis XIII of France, wife of Charles I Stuart of England, mother of Charles II Stuart of England died of an overdose of laudanum?


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