Deepening The Schism

I broke with the Neo-Alt-Historians almost three years ago.

We now have several Tartary fantasies going on. I’m not saying that I’m right and everyone else is wrong… just throwing my research and that of others into the mix.

We can start with the Buildings of “The Old World.”

How old is the Old World? No-one seems to have answered that.

One of the most famous buildings ever, St Peter’s Basilica/Vatican, Rome, could well have been a truly original “Tartarian” building, erected around the 14th/15th cc. Trouble is, after just 200 years, it had to be rebuilt.

It is extremely possible that this rebuild happened in the 16th/17th cc in a style now known as Baroque.

Check out Bernini and his role in this.

P.S. I have been there. It is an amazing place!

Moving on to the double-headed eagle. Many so-called Ancient documents (edited and re-dated) mention seeing a golden eagle atop a spear high on a hill. Is this a long-lost memory of a crucifixion that still exists in many places from Roman Standards to Coats of Arms to Coins to Churches?

Am I talking complete rubbish???

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