The 11:11 Journey

Anyone STUPID enough to have fallen for this (myself?) will understand my anti-patriarchal society post.

All women who truly believed have been …

Ghosted, Lied to, Lied about, Destroyed, Humiliated, Left out, Publicly damned, Ignored, Insulted, Stolen from, Taken advantage of, Been replaced, Laughed at, Fucked over, Optioned, Murdered, Cheated on/by/out of, Blamed for ?, Denied, Copied, Over ruled, Under Written, Demonised, Ditched etc etc etc by a so called Divine Masculine.

I’m NO MAN’s Pazzi. No one OWNS me.

Thank you.

And if you’ve been hurt…suck it up, act like a REAL MAN and take responsibility for your OWN actions and choices.

We can die many times in life, at the hands of other people. But sometimes our Spark of Life is just too strong. FACT!

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