If THIS Is True….!

An horrific realisation has been given to me which, if true, has destroyed my entire career and much more besides.

I found it strange a year or more back when, a yt channel that I followed and shared and commented on, asked me if I made yt videos. I answered truthfully. No. I don’t. I have neither the means nor the skill to do so.

But what if my MINI-ME/CopyCat/Thief/Stalker has done just that. Made a channel pretending to be me. A truly disgusting and vile version of me?

Every yt “Truth” chan that I have supported and shared and recommended and praised has PUBLICLY disowned me.

All the work that I have done over the past few decades has been corrupted and vandalised by person or persons unknown. People that have NEVER met me but have sucked every single piece of open and honest information that I have ever made public about my life, my family, my work, my hopes, my likes, my dreams, my preferences…my EVERYTHING.

I do NOT Lie here. I’m harsh sometimes. Bitchy quite often. Angry as a eff at the entire Shit Show that has unfolded since January 2019.

I’ve made less than £150 since 2014 when I published my novel on Amazon. I have asked no one to sub me.

But – such seems the way of the world. FOR NOW.

Tempus Fugit though and Wheels Turn. Cycles end for new cycles to begin.

We just need to be AWARE & A LERT to the Vampires who MUST suck on others in order to survive…because they have zero life or love or soul of their own. FACT!

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