EVIL EDNA aka Tell-LIE-Vision

Jesus, Mary and all the Saints…If I EVER see the word Tell-LIE -Vision again I will SCWEAM & SCWEAM.

FFS. TV is here and will stay here.

TV is NOT inherently EVIL. It has an OFF button. Just like a computer or a phone.

Y’all CHOOSE what to watch and then CHOOSE what to be-LIE-ve.

FFS. Retarded or what?

A TV is NOT you/your/mind/your thoughts/your spirit/your soul/YOUR DIVINE TRUTH. Stop blaming everything and everyone else for YOUR totally effed up opinions. YOU make YOUR mind up. Not the telly. Unless…….?

Willo the Wisp. Is NOT evil. Nor was Kenneth Williams. He was an actor and a comedian who was waspish, fey and uncategorisable.


Sigh. Click the watch on yt thingy or don’t. I ain’t bovvered.

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