Back With The Tower of London

Last month I wrote :


I’m back there today with more insights.

Above is an image of the Tower as it looks today but it was not always like this.

We know the modern Mainstream History about this place being built by William the Bastard Conqueror on the site of an “ancient” Roman or earlier fortress. And that it became truly infamous under the reign of Henry VIII Tudor.

Many decades of research have shown another history of our world. I’ve covered quite a bit of the new, old, hidden, still being revealed work of NC on my previous blog (link above) including the very feasible possibility that, from the 1300’s, most, if not all, of the people that we now call Kings and Queens were -in fact- nothing more than provincial governors for the Horde. Imperial Sheriffs, if you like, for the Tsar/Khan in Russia.

Does this sound too far-fetched?

There is a huge picture in the Museum of London, painted in 1630 and showing the Tower and environs that is rarely available anywhere else. Below is an enlargement of The Tower of London from this painting.

Full picture here : Anything strike you as slightly strange?

Maybe the change took place after 1666 and some fire that happened ?

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