AquaTech & PolterGoost

I have a poltergoost in my vicinity…maybe.

Tree falling down, oil running out, chainsaw being bolshy, hot water tank spewing water down through the ceiling, stuff not being where I originally put it, only 3 out of 16 eating forks left in the house. NOW – I have to pee in the dark.

The downstairs loo light has gone all ghosty and goosty. Ever since we moved here there has been a problem with the light pull. When we used to have loads of peeps staying here I’d put a sign on the door. PULL THE LIGHT PULL 3 TIMES FOR LIGHT.

Yesterday it all went bloody bleeding bonkers at 4a.m, in the night, in the dark, so I bought new light bulbs.

It’s all still bloody bleeding bonkers.

Sometimes I just have to be somewhere totally absurd and stupid.

Enter AquaTech aka How To Cross the Channel in a Car, not using the Channel Tunnel :o)

P.S. My mates and I as teenagers got all trippy off the coast of Portsmouth with a sailing dinghy and mudflats and 3 stuck rescue boats. Good job we were all OK swimmers!

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