Where Does the word MAFIA come from?

Look into it. Deeply.

As y’all know by now, I don’t do MS History or Chronology. I’ve been helped by people FAR MORE qualified and clever than me to recognise timelines and the shifts in them that constantly cover up TRUE TRUTH.

My mind has zero problem with the Arabs being here. The art and architecture speak too loudly.

QUESTION THE NARRATIVE….Question and then, question again.

Where are you getting your info from? Whom are you repeating and repeating now that your particular RUT of information is as deep as your ears and eyes and has Muddy Fluddy’d you so well that you can neither see nor hear an alternative viewpoint without throwing a huge temper tantrum?

No. I’ve NOT been to Sicily but I do know that it is connected with Jehanne d’Arc and Henry V and Catherine of Valois and Yolande of Aragon and Rene d’Anjou and Margaret, Queen of England and the War of the Roses and Wales and Scotland and Ireland and……all the way up until the Irish Rep Army decided to bomb the buggery out of myself (in Londonderry) and myself and my toddler son in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Ulster.

F A C T!

Oooh. I’m feeling feisty :o)

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